A unified system that delivers on the Power To Know More.

Housekeeper looking confident with arms folded.


A Panic Button System that brings more awareness and safety to your staff.

Room Awareness

Shed new light on room presence, temperature and humidity levels that could be costing you big.


For Cold Storage Monitoring. Automatically log temperatures, view in real-time, and forwarded alerts to appropriate staff 24/7.

A Powerful Unified System

One of the biggest problems in our industry when it comes to introducing new technology is how it all works together. Switching from app to app can be confusing and frustrating; especially when there's lots to get done and you're on the go.

At some point we've all said, "Please! Not another App." Well, what if SafeStay365 were app-less? Nothing to download and install. Nothing that takes up memory on your device. But more than delivering a powerful app-less environment, iOpen's goal is to create a consolidated application dashboard that puts the power to know more in the palm of your hand. This is real-time like nothing else.



TruAssist365 is truly the next generation of panic alert systems. And at a surprisingly affordable price.


Real-time Monitoring

View activity in real-time to maximize staff productivity with better efficiency and less guest interuptions.

In-App Group Messaging

Optimize everyone’s day with awareness and knowledge about task completion in real time.


Extract geo-analytics on the activity of the staff security and monitor access to restricted areas.

Post-Event Support

Increase visibility into your property with real-time security monitoring.

Cold Storage Monitoring

"A staggering 85% of restaurant product loss issues are attributable to poor food storage conditions, highlighting just how vital optimal temperature maintenance is."

Source: Hospitality Technology

Why take risks with your inventory. Never miss a reading, 24/7. We automate this for you. Now that's one less thing in the day for you to worry about.


TruVue365 makes a difference.

Reliable Monitoring

View activity in real-time. Receive alerts via text, email, and/or voice call within seconds of an event

Management Insight

Provides timeline analysis to make daily tasks easier while providing insight into cost saving opportunities

Easy Installation

No hardware replacement needed. Drop-in sensor with extended probe.

Time Saving

Opportunity to maximize labor productivity by eliminating some tedious record keeping.


Room Awareness

Streamlining operations is a key benefit of automating your hotel. We provide "The power to know more" with powerful IoT awareness systems for hotels interested in optimizing operations while keeping your guests and your staff happy. Now your staff can know which rooms are too hot, too humid or show room presence at that moment. This makes for much better coordination and levels-up the comfort and guest experience. Enabling management to "see" where all the moving pieces are helps smooth operations, avoid awkward interruptions with guests and avoid unnecessary delays in getting things done.

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